Abused for Years: Pop Dancer ‘Wade Robson’ speaks out on his relationship with former Pop Icon ‘Michael Jackson’

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Australian dance choreographer Wade Robson has come out to the public stating that pop icon Michael Jackson was a pedophile who sexually abused him and “many others”. He then denied his belated allegations were a made up attempt to reap money from the deceased singer’s estate.

Robson – who testified at Jackson’s infamous molestation trial back in 2005 convinced the court that the star never touched him and has now released new information in a US TV interview which aired overnight that the self-styled King of Pop was a “pedophile and a child sexual abuser.”

“He sexually abused me from 7 years old until 14, and performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him,” the 30-year-old dancer told NBC’s the Today show. Robson said when Michael Jackson was being investigated for molestation in 1993, the singer would call him every day to “role play” what he should say if questioned by family. Robson was 11 at the time!

“It was complete manipulation and brainwashing,” he said.

Robson has filed a claim in a Los Angeles court against the dead singer’s estate. When Matt Lauer from NBC’s the Today show asked Robson why he didn’t approach Jackson’s years of molestation, the Australian star then said that he had been silent long enough! – What great thinking!

“It wasn’t any sense of the truth on the phone. He would role play with me and train me for these scenarios.” Jackson, who has dodged for many years by several child molestation charges, was acquitted after the high-profile trial in 2005. But like celebrities who finally succeed their hearings,  Jackson’s career scarcely recovered, and died four years ago while rehearsing for a doomed comeback tour. Robson said he believed there were other ‘victims.’ – Let’s just focus on ‘your’ story!

“I believe there were many others, but he was a troubled man,” Robson said. A lawyer for Jackson’s estate, Howard Weitzman, labelled Robson’s allegations as “outrageous and pathetic”.

Most of us are very unsure what could happen next. This is a man who has testified under oath more than twice over the past 20 years and has mentioned in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to or with him!

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