A Look Into the Colourful World of Marni

Known for its colored prints and stylish knitwear, Marni has developed well beyond its years, pushing against the traditionalist view and definition of what Fashion is within contemporary society. From season to season, the sophistication and creativity by Marni grows and is now not only captured by each collection, but through a photograph book into their progression.

07 - Book MARNI UOMO

During the fall 2013, Carolina Castiglioni, the head of special projects for Marni spoke out, explaining that “the clothing dictated the direction and aesthetic: the tension between convention and rebellion, classicism and subversion.”Castiglioni has partnered with art director, Dean Langley and photographer, Clare Shilland, to establish a story reflecting the forthcoming collection. Shilland proudly announced the brand further, stating that”These projects help narrate the collection in an alternative way, and help reflect its spirit”

Starting on Sunday 19th of May from 6pm, the fall collection will be available along with the release of Marni’s photograph book, Marni Uomo, which has printed only a limited quantity. The anticipated book will be available for purchase at Marni.com and at the launch held at Marni’s boutique in New York’s Meatpacking District. The boutique will also launch a limited edition printed T-shirt, created and designed by art director Dean Langely.

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