Amy Winehouse’s Brother Blames Her Death On ‘Bulimia’?

An eating disorder may have led to the death of Amy Winehouse?

According to her brother Alex Winehouse, he believed that she “suffered from bulimia very badly”, telling a UK Magazine. “I think that it left her weaker and more suspectible. Had she not had an eating disorder, she would have been physically stronger”. When asked about Amy’s bulimia issue during her late teens, Alex replied, “We all knew she was doing it, but it’s almost impossible, especially if you’re not talking about it. It’s a real dark issue”.

“You knew just by looking at her, she would have died eventually, the way she was going, but what really killed her was the bulimia” – Horrible!

Alex has recently given up his music journalist position to work full time for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. These type of issues are extremely difficult to discuss! If you know anyone who is dealing with similar traumas, help them to recover before you regret!

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