Married At First Sight Ep 14 Recap: The Husbands are Moving in!

The men are moving in!

Monday night showed us a night of non-stop bickering from couple Andrew and Cheryl.

Once they arrive at her home, it seems her Irish dad is still at his old tricks.. or should we say old temper.

“Cheryl you know that’s not your type,” her daddy says, while pointing at Andrew.

Her father then insults Andrew’s outfit which seems a little identical to his own.

“I want him to present himself better than that. Not just somebody coming in like that. I’m not happy at all. No, I’m serious, man, go back and just get yourself a bit better than that,” he finally says.

“Get the f*ck out of the house and get ready mate.”.. #WHAAA

Julie Snook finds some better pants.

But wait.. it just keeps getting better!

“He’s not suitable for my daughter for sure,” Cheryl’s dad continues. “It’s never gonna happen. I can come between these guys — I’m just gonna break them up for sure.”

Take a chill pill papa!

What about couple Anthony and Nadia? Well, Mr Perfect has to move in with her and her housemates!

“If it was my choice I’d be in a hotel,” he continues to whine.

We also get a little peek into Nadia’s exotic past. She used to be a model!

“It’s always important for me to have my finger in the pie when it comes to fashion”, she tell us.

And a shop assistant couldn’t resist taking a photo of our new Aussie supermodel. The end!

“I don’t get out of bed for less than $50 and a 7-11 coffee”

Does anyone remember Vanessa and Andy? Not us!

Anyway, they have a ‘couple fight’ in the park and then sit in ‘couple silence’. Boring! But, they do stare at each other.

Then, Andy gets angry when confronted about being too quiet.

“I’m really uncomfortable,” he says. WOW! He speaks..

“You’re making me looking like a f*cking idiot,” Andy says. Okay, now his said too much.

They argue some more while walking away into the distance.

“ ...”

Meanwhile, Jesse gets his tan on!

Michelle, desperate for some passion, decides to do something exciting with her man. But we ain’t talking about anything romantic.

We are talking about some spray tan! This image says it all..

Mmmm. A pouch.

Image via 9now

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