11 Unexpected Disney Inspired Baby Names

Welcoming your little prince or princess is sure to be a magical event, especially when you choose a baby name inspired by your favourite Disney character! Whether it’s a lovable princess, charming prince, or a fire-breathing dragon, these unexpected titles will add a touch of Magic Kingdom to your baby’s life with a name created by Walt Disney.


A Disney princess name is definitely a good way to go! Even if she starts out as more of a night owl than an actual Sleeping Beauty, your precious Aurora will truly make you feel as if you’re living once upon a dream!


Nora is ultra chic and feminine without being too cute. The name, inspired by one of our favourite characters from Pete’s Dragon, is like a “Candle on the Water” (Yes, we know the words too)


The lovable bear; we all grew up with Winnie the Pooh during the nineties. Today, it’s a perfect fit for a honey-hungry little girl!


Who doesn’t love The Lion King? In the sequel story, Simba and Nala’s daughter Kiara is a fearless cub who chooses her own life paths. Be different with this uber-cool name!


The life of Cinderella is bitter-sweet, and even though Anastasia is named after a evil stepsister, we can’t ignore the sophistication that comes with the title.


We get it; Clayton’s the evil villain in Tarzan – but evilness aside – this name is way too charming to push away.


Inspired by the Rapunzel flick Tangled, the name just screams ‘adventure’, also giving a new alternative to Finn.


Often thought of as a girl’s name, Robin, from Robin Hood is a unique, creative choice for your baby boy.


‘I think I can, I think I can…’, and we say do it! Naming your baby boy Casey after Dumbo’s famous circus train is a fantastic 21st century choice!


We believe everyone is secretly in love with Frozen. From Olaf to Prince Hans, the name Kristoff is an unexpected but extremely cool winner!


Monsters, Inc.’s very own James Sullivan (aka Sulley) is one of the most lovable Disney characters of all time. He may look scary, but deep down, he really cares!

Image via Disney Store

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