2017 Trend: Warm Winter Hues

Wearing colour in winter is a tricky concept – the extensive rainbow spectrum alone is overwhelming, if not incredibly intimidating. But if you put mood and whats ‘on-trend’ aside, the right colour, shade, and hue has the power to give your style an instant shot of radiance.
When the weather is this cold, there’s something kinda comforting about rugging up in warm designer hues. Jolts of bold and oriental hues have sprinkled down Hussein Bazaza’s latest 2017 “Akane” Collection and we are in absolute awe. Need some extra sophistication? Check out the warm winter hues heading from the runway to your front door!

The Black Butterfly

Military patterns, intricate embroidery in shapes and heavy beading can be admired on all of Bazaza’s pieces. The appealing yet complementary contrast with the black hue gowns is the plunging and high necklines that look like stylish inspirations from another world.

The Golden Goose

The primary colour for the collection is deep red for revenge and blood with added touches of metallic rose gold hue. Universally flattering, this season’s palette packs quite a sophisticated sartorial punch. Think jet black, deep reds and rich golds infused in an embroided patchwork scheme.

Birds of a Feather

The inspiration for the collection came from the era of the 40’s, but with a modern twist.The shapes are mostly classical, but with puffed sleeves, edgy shoulders, and flared skirts. A colossal peacock shape-shifting into an enormous water creature is synced extremely well with this coloured green hue look.

The Oriental Express

If prints are more your thing, take inspo from Bazaza’s 2017 collection. Swap your basic midi dress for an earthy oriental print ensemble. Need an extra layer? A chunky red shawl will look fabulous in transit to and from work, and works just as well with a cashmere sweater and blazer for the chilly weekend.

For latest brand updates visit husseinbazaza.com

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