Autumn Trend 2017: Wild About Fur & Metallic

Think of Autumn as a reflective season, literally — designers have jacked up the surface shine! And let us not forget plush faux fur that gives a modern edge, ranging from colourful to crafty ensembles.

It’s not hard to notice a shine in a person’s getup. From skirts, dresses, tops and pants, the reinforcement of shiny metallic details are ever so appealing when thrown on gowns such as Tommy Hilfiger and Laurent. The overflow of metals bring a futurist brilliance – no need to think ‘space costumes’, but of shimmering gold, silver, copper and disco style – look at Tory Burch. The nostalgic, high-tech ‘precious metal’ material has reappeared, alert the media if you want.

The fur, metallic phase has grown and will continue to push the boundaries of dresses, pants, coats and shoes, handbags and jewellery. Shimmer yourselves!


Faux fur is in (not the Cruella De Ville style), but this season it’s all about having more fun with it by exploring colour. A creative touch with floral designs, Michael Kors reinforces the fall season, literally. When it comes to faux fur, there’s something wonderful about the concept of ‘more is more’, and Dior gives that idea with the right amount of flamboyance to feel fabulous. Fashion is just as much about how we look as how we feel, and fur offers that. Fendi proves it with just a skirt.


Images via Fashionisers

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