How to Get the Perfect Brows for Your Big Day

Eyebrows frame your eyes and are an important key to gorgeous wedding photos. But when should bridal brow preparations begin? What if you’re a beginner, or the opposite—a compulsive over-plucker? Don’t worry. We’ve consulted founder of Garbo and Kelly Carolyn Fox to get the ultimate step-by-step guide for perfecting your wedding day brows.

According to Fox, natural and warm uplifted defined brows are on-trend for Autumn.

“Uplifted, fuller, feather-like soft natural brows will be seen this season – no sharp pointy angles or busy brows. Often with the change to a cooler season, we add warmer tones to our hair – adding natural colours or a little warmth to the brow will balance your skin tone well. Your wedding day usually starts during the day and go into evening so you need your brows need to look elegant, soft and subtle during the day and yet have definition and lift for evening festivities.”

These days, we’re all looking for a beautifully groomed brow that has a gradual change in size, not to mention a complementary soft and natural shape. Eyebrows should never be overlooked on your wedding day, a well shaped brow will transform you, and make you absolutely amazing in photos!

“You will be photographed on so many different angles that your brows will show pride and place, so our aim is to add definition, fullness, lift, open the eye with highlighter to make the brow pop and making sure your tails finishes at the side of the nose to the side of the eye for the perfect arched angel!”, Carolyn adds.

Ombre is the latest technique for brows giving a sharply defined, high-style finish. If you want your brows on style and on-trend, then Carolyn Fox has some pointers.

Get the Ombre Brow Look!

  • Brush the brow up with the spooley end of your brow brush to give instant width and lift.
  • Use brow pencil to fill in any gaps or holes or if sparse in the front of the brow add hair like strokes and if your tails are short using your pencil lengthen to the side of the eye and side of the nose.
  • A defined line along the brow line can add stunning definition, apply a dusting of brow powder over the top, however the colour needs to more intense above the eye and all the way down the tail and the blend the front of the brow.
  • Set the look with a clear brow gel. For extra ‘pop’ to open the eye, add highlighter from above the eye and follow the length of the trail, this also gives and elegant profile.
  • For oily skin, humid climates and for a more intense finish – Pomade can be a great option, always use pomade a few millimetres into the brow more intense colour above the eye and down the tail and then blend the to the front of the brow.

Tips & Tricks for Perfect Wedding Eyebrows

  • Always have a brow plan 6 months out of the wedding.
  • Brows should be 2 shades darker than your hair colour.
  • Be aware of your measurements – crease of the nose and straight up is where the brow should start; Side of the nose and side of the eye is where the tail should finish.
  • Define by making sure the brow is the same width from the beginning of the brow to the arch, where it starts to turn down the trail from above the iris.
  • Do not apply highlighter too low. Keep it close to the brow, as otherwise it can make the eye look puffy.
  • See your brow artist one week out of the wedding day as you don’t want any list minute fires to put out!

Image via Garbo and Kelly

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