The Gothic Bridal Trend You Need to See

Weddings demand elements of femininity – an abundance of bridal white paired with an ample dose of purity and fine jewel accessories. For spring 2018, the new collection from Galia Lahav entitled ‘Victorian Affinity’ is known for it’s Gothic style gowns – and while the bombshell factor remained, historical-inspired full sleeves and bustled trains is the latest modern dark romance trend.

Keen to make your aisle look all the more enticing? Opt for sheer fabrics, Gothic details including bound waists, high collars, velvet and chokers that can achieve a look that stylishly pushes back on the status quo. Check out all the inspiration and fashion options needed for a bridal dark romance.


Designers are taking notice of the rise in unconventional bridalwear, offering options for those who would think twice before wearing the typical ballgown. An infusion of black isn’t always the answer for achieving the Gothic look, when a velvet choker or embroidered neckline can do just the job. Keep in mind; this is no Halloween costume – ribbon-bound waist or sleeves that softly cover your arms takes cathedral wedding gowns to the next level.

Trust Me Knot

What happens when you opt for jaw dropping jewels and headpieces reminiscent of old Transylvania? The result; 18th century femininity, alluring sex appeal and dark romantic sensibility that suits the most non-conformist of brides. Despite the idea that a bride must look conservative for her big day, why not break tradition with puffy sleeves, peplum gowns and revealing back-lines suitable to that Gothic style.

White Magic

Heading towards Gothic roots is a unique desire to be just a little bit–or a lot–bad! It’s about creating a Victorian-esque tendency to go against the norm and fit that aristocratic vibe. If you opt for a look that screams ‘innocence’, punctuate it with daring hints of your seductive style – gowns that fasten from the front, even embroidered sleeves will allow you to transition quickly from Holy Mother to Dracula’s wife.

Victorian Menace

The traditional bride yearns for a white or ivory ensemble – with an edge. If you crave the Gothic world, you don’t need to look far for pieces that suit a flare for the unconventional. Try to seek out options that challenge your silhouette – an alluring sweetheart neckline and sheer insets or cut-out with a sexy medieval feel can help in reviving old town Romania (and show off that killer frame!)

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