Wedding Dress Styles: Which One is Right For You?

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and she should wear a gown that makes her feel beautiful, too! Whether she wants more coverage from long sleeves, or prefers a sleeveless style that leaves her free to dance, Wedded Wonderland has found some designer inspiration to suit you.

Inspired by a blooming garden filled with cherry blossoms, Elie Saab‘s latest collection presents a versatile range from off-shoulder wonders, to more classic, regal ballgowns. Here’s a quick and easy guide to breakdown the various wedding gown styles.

Straight Dress vs Ballgown

For the wintry season, straight gowns are in – best worn by lean figures, both short and tall. The nature of this Elie Saab design can help petite brides appear taller, though won’t allow much room for hiding problem areas such as a larger lower body. From a modern to royal style, ballgowns are considered the ‘fairytale’ dress, and a fitted bodice flaring at the waist is perfect for most body types as it hides any lower body issues.

Off-Shoulder vs Strapless

When it comes to an off-shoulder or strapless decision, it’s all about the bride’s silhouette and body shape. A strapless gown can look flattering on many brides as it presents the shoulder, neckline and bust in a feminine and sexy way. An off-shoulder neckline is exactly what the name implies, and sits below the shoulders to show off a bride’s collarbones and arms. But beware, stay clear from this style if you’re self-conscious about being so exposed up top.

Spaghetti Strap vs Long Sleeve

A bride needs to be able to move without worrying about the dress cutting into her skin or shoulders. Spaghetti strap dresses and cap-sleeved gowns afford the most freedom of movement, however gowns with puffed or long sleeves won’t leave plenty of room to move and greet guests. When shopping for a long sleeve wedding dress, it’s better to choose a gown with oversized sleeves than one that feels tight throughout the length.

Images via WedLuxe

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