Winter 2017 Trend: Eighties Are Back!

Re-enter old world glam; the eighties was a decade of exaggerated, oversized ensembles with an eye-pop of colour. From 1980 to 1989, the era’s retro style was filled with sequins, legwarmers, spandex, even neon. You’ve probably noticed the trend both on the runway and the street – but don’t overthink it. Interpreting the style is extremely possible. Forget costume parties, finesse a world of vintage and boldness with a hint of colour here or there.

Bigger, Broader Shoulders

It seems the shoulder trend has made a comeback – leave it Anteprima and Balmain to make geek ‘chic’. Broad shoulders was the idea of strength; not only because it was an era of feminism, but women yearned to feel strong in the business world. Adding a silky shoulder padded blouse with high-waisted skinny jeans will look super-chic – don’t forget a killer pair of platforms.


Glitzy Glitter

Glitzy sequins were the everyday staple of the era – with designers like Emilio Pucci, Balmain, and Rodarte incorporating the trend. Don’t underestimate the glitter vibe, its par for the course. When it comes to styling, choose a statement item and keep the rest of your look basic.

Oversized Outerwear

Who didn’t have an oversized jacket in the eighties? Flashing back to airbrushed pins and patches, bigger is better in today’s fashionable world. Whether you purchase an Erika Cavallini or customise your own, make sure the denim isn’t too dark, and the cut is fairly large.

All images via WWD

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