5 Pronovias Cocktail Gowns We’re Actually Obsessing Over

The new 2018 Pronovias Cocktail collection conveys simple yet sophisticated designs that look perfect for all types of occasions.

Completely reinvented for maximum exquisiteness, Provonias knows how to deliver daring designs with shapes and an abundance of colour. Our favourite five cocktail gowns will surely give a grand entrance, not to mention impact at any event you attend.

1. The Metallic Wonder

Provonias loves to revamp an old wonder, and what better way to do this than with metallic tones? Designed with multiple fabrics and combinations, we just adore the drapery on this Grecia gown.

2. The Gemstone

When it comes to shapes and patterns, Pronovias gets inspired by the classics meanwhile noting whats popular and on trend. The gemstone details on the Gremia signifies this season’s style.

3. The Leg Slit

We love how a little leg slit enhances feminine sensuality. With an elegant halter neckline, the Gresal stands out among the features that best reveal the delicacy of the woman’s body.

4. The Floral Applique

For the first time, Provonias has combined coloured thread embroidery with embossing. Of course, every girl loves a little coloured chiffon, and this embossed Greta ensemble is no exception.

5. The Ambrosia Effect

Pastel colours always make a comeback. With an extensive multicoloured palette, Pronovias highlights the Grida as the enchanting, yet most romantic hero of the collection.


All images via Pronovias 2018 Cocktail Collection

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