‘Michael: The Last Rockstar’ Review

I think it’s safe to say that Michael Hutchence is pretty high up in the male sex god pantheon, and the audience, which included a large number of women for a hard-rock show, was there to screech, throw bouquets of roses and grab at the musician’s feet.

Executive producer Mark Llewellyn had been waiting a long time to create this masterpiece – and now I see the reasons behind it. With an abundance of celebrities, family and friends sharing tales and personal photographs of our Australian fallen rockstar, you’re immediately captivated by the musician’s hilarious antics and wondrous image.

However, I can’t seem to put my finger on what makes Michael so attractive to women, and men. Sure, he exudes a cool, walking rhythm when he proudly dances around the stage, and performs sexual acts on his microphone which could get anyone reeling with jealousy. Wait, that’s it! — Hutchence has that early 1980’s new-wave mordant voice, deep and strange, indicating otherworldliness, with a glint in his eye meaning to convey a type of maniacal deepness.

Of course, it was always the women he wanted, from American model Rosanna Crash to Australia’s Kylie Minogue – ‘good girl’ turned ‘rebel without a cause’ – Michael seemed to dispose them like everyday tissues.

“He was a good boyfriend but he was bad at breaking up,” Crash says in the documentary. “He’d love you to the bitter end, then he was gone.”

Producer Llewellyn tells us Rosanna was reluctant when talking about her former love, and when she did talk about it, everything just came pouring out. “She was so emotional”, he says. “It was almost as if Michael had only just left their lives. He was so present.”

If it was anyone who could share those backstage tour stories, it was Crash. She lived with Hutchence, accompanying him on the great American INXS’s Kick tour in 1987.

But, at this moment, I could shed no more tears, as I peacefully watched and listened to Michael’s secret lyrics and songs never seen or heard before. He was an influential character, impacting those around him with love, laughter, and exceptional entertainment. He’s fondest friend and lawyer, Colin Diamond, also broke his silence on the INXS star.

“Michael spent $1.10 on every dollar he made,” Diamond mentioned, alluding to the star’s incompetency to save money.

“He spent about $48,000 in New Orleans. I can’t tell you what he used it for, but he had a good time.”

Co-Executor of Hutchence’s estate, Diamond showed personal photographs of friend Hutchence and daughter Tiger Lily that had been stored away in his luggage. These photos have never been shown before.

The documentary includes a star studded cast with Peta Wilson, Billy Zane, along with Bono and Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran who spent time with the rockstar and girlfriend Helena Christensen in the South of France. It also focuses on a crucial point in Hutchence’s life when he was hit by a cab driver in Copenhagen in 1992, permanently losing his sense of taste and smell.

“It really affected him. He was such a sensual man, so the sense of taste and smell was so important for him,” Llewellyn said.

Le Bon tells us that Hutchence once told him, “I’ll never be able to smell my baby”.

Tiger Lily was absolutely breathtaking in the never before seen home footage. “Everyone speaks about Michael being absolutely obsessed and besotted with Tiger Lily”, Llewellyn says. “You can hear people say it, but when you actually see it you see the true love he had.”

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