Actor Mojean Aria Talks Heath Ledger Scholarship: ‘It Was Monumental’

From winning the Heath Ledger scholarship to relocating to Los Angeles, Mojean Aria still remembers an encounter with the late actor at a film screening when he was just 12-years-old.

“It was monumental because I instantly connected with Heath’s work at a young age,” Mojean tells TV Buzz exclusively. “I remember being struck by Heath’s aura and the way he captivated a room. The fact we were in one another’s presence made it more of an attainable dream.”

The 24-year-old actor was given the green light by a panel of Hollywood celebs including Naomi Watts, Ryan Murphy and Bruna Papandrea. “Australians in Film is a terrific organisation that helps so many young actors do amazing things, and they helped build the stage for me,” Mojean adds.

Aria previously starred in ‘The Bronx Bull’, the story of real life boxing champion Jake LaMotta, who passed away this September. LaMotta was first played by legendary actor Robert De Niro in 1980. Now, he stars alongside Internationally acclaimed actress Rachel Griffiths in ‘Dead Lucky’ on SBS.

“The series is a fast-paced, female-driven crime thriller which follows two detectives hunting down a killer,” Mojean explains. “I grew up in Sydney and I remember seeing a lot of international students – both refugees and immigrants – and I thought, ‘What are their stories?'”

“The show really blends into how much migrants revere Australia and their struggles. I’m glad there’s a focus on this ‘action-packed’ world, but with a fresh, heartfelt story.”

“I was just getting myself sorted in Los Angeles until a role in Dead Lucky really captivated me,” the actor tells us. “When I read the script, I knew straight away I was going to do this. Rachel is an incredibly professional woman, and I do my best to learn from the experts.”

The son of Iranian immigrants, Mojean is now pushing on the contemporary issues at hand – more predominantly, the same-sex results released just this week.

“I’ve been waving this flag of ‘progressive Australia’ overseas, and still I’m shocked why people voted no. I have my own feelings on the matter, but I’m glad people with different beliefs and feelings can come together for a good cause. I think it’s beautiful.”

“I really want to make films that people feel touched by and know they’re not alone,” Aria proudly says. “Often, we think ‘How can a character so different experience the same things we experience?’. It’s because the world is more connected than we realise – that’s what intrigues me when I read scripts.”

And his celebrity crush? Penelope Cruz.

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