Aileen Beale on Her Latest TV Role — Mother of Easybeats Founder George Young

It’s been a great year for Aileen Beale. From appearing on hit shows including Love Child and Doctor Doctor, the British-born actress makes some time for a reputable music band we all know and love.

As a girl, Beale was a dancer and drummer with pipe bands. Now, she continues her passion for the arts – performing as the enthusiastic mother of Easybeats founder George Young in ABC’s Friday on My Mind.

“I knew the band well because Bruce Springsteen used to sing their songs,” Aileen tells TV Buzz. “For generations today, most of the music we listen to are from groups such as The Easybeats or AC/DC.”

The series charts the rise of Aussie rock band, and Aileen uses her voice to project the unique Glaswegian accent. But, was she able to master the dialect?

“I thought to myself, ‘Surely it can’t be that difficult?'” Beale confesses. “I actually rang a Glasgow florist, Rosie, who was absolutely beautiful and patient. I simply recorded her voice as she read through the dialogue. And when I get the opportunity to visit Europe, I’m going to send her a bottle of red wine from Australia!”

Aileen was thrilled to get the role as George’s mother. “I was beyond excited when I got the part. I’m a mother myself and being older, you just draw from your life experience.”

“I researched and read a few books to prepare for the role,” Beale admits. “How hard it must have been for Margaret raise a family and bring them over to this amazing country — especially leaving one of your sons behind in the UK.”

The actress revealed the cast and crew’s reaction to George Young’s death last month, saying “No one was hit harder than William Rush”, who plays the young music artist in the two-part series.

“On set, I began to know a little more about The Easybeats,” Beale says. “I had no idea George was so shy. He always kept to himself. And the fighting – it was so common to rumble over a girl back in those days!”

Aileen explained before the musicians passing, he would look over the production and costume designs. “Everything about the set was phenomenal, and attention to detail was crucial.”

“I remember when my sister first saw the series trailer and said ‘You remind me of mum back then,'” Beale laughs. “The boys had to grow hair all over their faces. It was wonderful working with such sweet, generous and talented actors. They spent hours and hours learning the songs and music.”

“The Easybeats basically influenced the next generation. It’ll live on forever, and so will the series.”

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