Australia’s Holly Brisley on Villainous ‘Amanda Vale’ From Home and Away

It’s been eight years since Amanda Vale left Summer Bay. Now, actress Holly Brisley’s latest role is in Australian feature film Life of the Party – a collaboration with director Michael Budd – about three friends who try to hang on to their carefree youth by hosting the world’s longest house party.

“The film centres on love, loss and sexual discoveries. Everyone is having fun and partying, though they’re not really the coolest characters. They just want to have a party that goes on for a long time. It’s about going with the flow (and cheap clothes) as we watch it all be thrown together.”

Before heading into independent films, Brisley was known for her upstanding role as conniving Amanda Vale from Home and Away.

“It’s always fun playing a villain because you do things you wouldn’t normally do. I remember when she [Amanda] first arrived, and tried to ruin her ex-husbands marriage. That woman did some wild, crazy stuff.”

The 39-year-old enjoyed getting into character – mainly because both women were downright different. “When I started in the role, I was traumatised by the fact that I was going to be a mean girl”, Brisley says. “I think of myself as a good girl, but everyone has flaws. If people think I’m bad, so be it!”

In 2007, we said goodbye to Amanda Vale, who decided to leave for the city joined by partner Peter. Since then, where is the Aussie blonde bombshell?

“Amanda is probably living in a mansion on a hill, and I’m hoping she’s happy and still married to Peter. If she ‘was’ to return, it would seem fitting that Amanda would come back with great intentions (but it’s no fun being nice!) Maybe she might claim the diner? Who knows.”

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