Axle Whitehead: ‘The Wall is a Human Drama with Tears and Laughter’

Aussie actor and musician Axle Whitehead is highly known for his roles on Home and Away and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and while living in Los Angeles is ‘A-list’ enough, the star recently landed back home with a dream for television hosting.

“I saw the U.S version and became a massive fan of the show,” he tells TV Buzz. “It’s about the contestants getting money from the wall as much as possible – definitely not a traditional game show.”

Whitehead, in the process of moving homes in Los Angeles, booked a flight to Australia where he auditioned for the role at leading network Channel Seven. “The company and I have known one another for six years. It’s great to work with an Australian crew – no rubbish, no ego. Everyone puts their blood, sweat and tears. Talk about hard workers!”

The Wall premiered last year in the US, delivering an average audience of 6.77 million viewers for NBC, with each episode ranked as the top-rated non-scripted show of the night. “It’s the number one show all around the world, the 36-year-old added. “Don’t think of it as a quiz show, but more of a human drama. We create good opportunities for good people.”

“We have a couple from Queensland who have a son suffering from cerebral palsy. They need 100,000 dollars for an operation”, Whitehead says. “In each episode, there’s a chance for contestants to win 12-million dollars. It’s the highest prize money in Australian history. There’s tears and lots of laughter.”

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