Comedian to Kid’s Host: Shane Jacobson Spills on Little Big Shots Australia

Leave it to Australia’s most wanted man to get things done by making us fall over in laughter.

Shane Jacobson, also known as his portrayal of funnyman Kenny, will be hosting ‘Little Big Shots Australia’ on Channel seven. Originally conceived by Ellen DeGeneres, the show praises kids with unique abilities – whether that be a sporting prowess, or an incredible Einstein component.

“The second I heard there was going to be kids in the show, I was on board. It wasn’t a question of ‘would’ I like to host it – it was more why the hell would I ‘not’ want to host it!”

Jacobson became a household name after staring in the 2006 comedy Kenny, and told TV Buzz the show is “inspirational and different – there are no judges or scores.”

Sitting back and enjoying the extravagant supply of creative talent, Jacobson admits he doesn’t have a special skill himself.

“I have zero – none – nothing. I was very good at eating my pie in a hurry, but I don’t think that’s good enough for the show. However, I was the class clown. My four kids have extraordinary talent – they can put up with me. That’s some kind of miracle, trust me!”

And what about the children on the show?

“Everyone is different. From a child who has an amazing climbing ability to someone who can solve three rubik’s cubes at the same time. It makes me realise our next gold medalist is out there, even another Einstein or creator. A kid who can shear sheep at a very young age, who’s doing it in the shadow of his father, that’s just a great Australian story!”

The world is filled with good fathers and hilarious moments. But, what gets comedian Shane Jacobson excited? (apart from Hogan’s Heroes)

“Well, this Sunday on Seven is ‘Little Big Shots Australia’. The fact my kids can’t wait for it makes it my favourite source of entertainment. If they’re happy, then I’ve done my job as a father.”

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