Film ‘Life of the Party’ Sends Australia a Message of Love, Loss and Equality

Australian feature film ‘Life of the Party’ has probably come at the right time.

With an exclusive run of VIP screenings across the country, the movie features a team of inspiring actors, producers and directors including Michael Budd and Home and Away alum, Holly Brisley.

Budd, known for films such as ‘Matrix’ and ‘Love of My Life’ is about to change the dynamic of Australian Independent Cinema – from the rustic outback to contemporary Australian issues.

“The film centres on love, loss and sexual discoveries. Everyone is having fun and partying, though they’re not really the coolest characters. They just want to have a party that goes on for a long time. It’s about going with the flow (and cheap clothes) as we watch it all be thrown together.”

While Australia ponders on the relationship between same-sex couples, director Budd tries to reinforce the idea of equality as the stronghold of the entire film. “When we started, it was an important topic for us”, he tells us. “We really wanted to celebrate a same-sex couple without having it to be a gay film. They simply love each other because it’s a normal, everyday couple.”

Home and Away actress Holly Brisley will be a key character in the film, demonstrating the importance of love, freedom, and equality.

“There are moments of tenderness, warmth and love; however, with any relationships, there are ups and downs. It’s great, because it showcases their journey and lasting bond.”

Australia, still on the fence, will hopefully become more accepting of the idea once they watch ‘Life of the Party’. That’s definitely part of Michael Budd’s plan.

“It’s an important time in our country’s history right now, and stories with these type of relationships needs to be in the mainstream media. They don’t necessarily need to be pigeon-holed as a gay film. When I began casting, it was about total diversity – black, ethnic and asian actors. For me, that’s a very real thing.”

The film began VIP screenings in the last month with audiences praising its accomplishment. “We’ve had one viewing, and everyone had a great time”, Brisley excitedly announced. “I wouldn’t say it’s a comedy, but more of a black comedy. We have so many other stories to tell.”

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