‘Liar’ Star Ioan Gruffudd: ‘The Series is a Case of He Said/She Said’

Ioan Gruffudd is a true Hollywood actor. From playing Captain Hornblower in the highly successful adaptations of the CS Forester stories, he then moved to Hollywood where he was cast in several leading roles including ‘King Arthur’ and Mr. Fantastic in the ‘Fantastic Four’ movie franchise. Now, Gruffudd takes a dark turn in this year’s most anticipated TV mini-series program, ‘Liar.’

“We meet two people – Laura and Andrew – who go out on a dinner date”, Gruffudd tells us. “The next morning, both characters have different opinions on how that date ended up. Laura accuses Andrew of non-consensual sex while he thinks the opposite. It’s a case of ‘he said/she said.’ That’s the premise of our show.”

Liar couldn’t be interesting enough, the 44-year old Welsh actor was simply inspired when he read the script for the very first time. “I thought it was beautifully written and constructed. I read the first three scripts back-to-back and couldn’t put it down. I’m very impressed with how the characters evolved.”

The series, coming this month to Seven, will be the next compelling drama – Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) plays victim Laura who accuses Gruffudd of raping her. But, the question sits predominantly on who is telling the truth and who will be brought to justice.

“The challenge for me was believing my truth as Andrew”, Gruffudd continues. “I had to believe every word I said was the truth, and not allude to anything. You’ve simply got to love and represent your character without drawing any attention.”

There’s no denying the gripping storyline will affect most viewers. “The series examines the hardship of coming forward to the police and being believed by society”, he adds. “It’s hard to convict someone when there’s very little physical evidence.”

Eventually, the six-part mini-series will arrive at a definitive truth. Someone has been lying and they are found out. But the show’s final moments don’t necessarily feel conclusive. “The way that we’ve left it is open-ended,” Gruffudd concludes. “There is quite a dramatic ending.”

The series has pulled in audiences of nearly six million in the UK with host program ITV considering a follow-up investigating the lead characters’ pasts.

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