MKR Judges Pete and Manu Reveal the Weirdest Thing A Fan Has Ever Asked Them

What more can we say about My Kitchen Rules other than it’s a simple show for food lovers. And for Manu Feildel, who along with fellow chef Pete Evans is gearing up Seven’s hit reality franchise, there is nothing like the thrill of having a side dish of flaming redheads, mushy-gushy couples and obnoxious wisecrackers plated up before them.

But the judges are Australia’s BFFs, often seen giggling and riffing off one another on the show and in interviews. So, it was a stroke of brilliance on our part to pair the witty chefs.

Of course, these saucy celebs aren’t always knee-deep among the pans and crockery. Manu revealed that he and Pete occasionally spend time with their families, soaking up the sunshine while sharing a passion for surfing.

Both shared their awkward encounters with obsessed fans: Feildel’s was at a book signing when a woman handed her baby (just wearing a nappy) shouting, “Say hi to Daddy!” Pete questions, “Is it true?” to which Manu replies with laughter.

“Parents come up to us saying how their two-year-old children are such big fans,” Pete adds. “We think the parents are the ‘real’ fans.”

The interview eventually devolved into joyous giggling and absurd exchanges between the two. But, that’s the pure concept of a bromance, no? “What’s the ingredient you’d hate to use in the kitchen?” We asked.

“Poor quality ingredients, definitely,” Pete says. “Something from factory farming or produce that’s been sprayed with chemicals.”

Manu chimes in, “I’m very adventurous and I tend to try a lot food out there — except deep-fried spiders. I’d be freaking out.”

“It’s yummy, I’ve had them. Crunchy and hairy,” Pete excitedly adds.

While Manu cringes at the very thought (and look of Pete’s facial expression), we decided to change the subject to inspirational chefs around the world.

“There was one chef who recently passed away — Paul Bocuse, who was the godfather of French cuisine,” Manu says. “For a long time, he was my inspiration. Very classical French food.”

“I love chefs who simply push the boundaries while creating their own niche in the market,” Pete answers.

This sounds well and good. But, what pisses them off in the kitchen?

“I hate chefs who don’t work clean,” Manu told us.

“You’re very organised,” Pete wittingly says to his co-star. “But for me, nothing.”

Manu gives us one more, “I don’t like chefs who smoke outside in their uniform.”

If you can’t decide which quirky Australian chef with major acting chops and a wicked sense of humour is your favourite, we have the answer. Both.

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