‘My Kitchen Rules’ Ash and Matty Spill on Their Valentine’s Day Plans

Queensland couple Ash and Matty traded their laid back lifestyle for the heat of the kitchen in the upcoming new season of My Kitchen Rules. But, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Monday night’s episode saw the couple facing off in a sudden death cook off in the new ‘Elimination House’ against Perth waitresses Stella and Jazzey—and were the first to be eliminated.

“No one wants to be the first loser,” Matty tells TV Buzz. “We weren’t good enough and that’s fine!”

We think he should be crowned ‘Television’s Funniest Person.’

Despite their age—Ash (25) and Matty (26)—the Queensland lovebirds believe they had what it took to impress MKR judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. However, the chefs weren’t the only ones Ash desired to impress.

“Matty and I went to school together but we didn’t know each other well,” she admits. “I noticed him on the beach hanging with his mates, taking a shower and thought I would do a little ‘Facebook stalking!'”

“I definitely liked what I saw,” she laughs.


The couple quickly became the MKR favourites with their quirky humour, creative gestures and well-built relationship. So, what’s on the cards for Valentine’s Day?

“Nothing too fancy because I get home around 7am in the morning,” Ash says.

“I’ve got a dislocated shoulder,” Matty gushes. “I think we’ll just ‘wing’ it with some takeout dinner. DEFINITELY not cooking!”

The surfer knew he’d be ‘stuffed’ without partner Ash and took a risk doing what a partner does best—regardless on his less-than-desirable skills in the kitchen. But, he gave it his best shot!

“Ash really wanted to do it and I thought it’d be a good experience to learn how to cook — which is a life skill,” Matt tells us.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so when they asked us, I thought ‘we can’t just say no,'” Ash adds. “People will do anything to get onto the show and we just jumped ship not caring what people thought of us. Let’s go and get it on!”

The sunshine couple kept a clear goal in mind when panning their way through the competition and a strategy of ‘slow and steady,’ and ‘less is more.’

“We did what we could under pressure and tried not get involved with the ‘craziness’ at the dinner table,” Ash says. “Everyone went onto the series with their own personal reason and I think for us, it was just to stay true to ourselves — the whole way.”

Matty adds, “I can cook pretty good now. The most important thing I learnt was to cook food simply by taste and not by recipe.”

“His food has been pretty good. I’m not going to lie!” Ash blurts.

And the couple’s plans for the future?

“I won’t be opening a cafe anytime soon,” Matty laughs. “I’m an exercise physiologist so I am completely happy with that.”

“Well I’m making a cake for my sister’s wedding and that’s about it for now.” Ash says. Wait, what about setting up a catering business?

“Stay tuned,” she concludes.

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