Roula and Rachael on That MKR Blow-up: ‘We’re Actually Fun People’

Sunday night’s episode of MKR saw Melbourne contestants Kim and Suong take to the kitchen, whipping up a selection of Vietnamese cuisines. But, there was a whole other situation going down at the table.

Suffice to say things were turned up a notch when Sydney contestant Emma called Melbourne rival Rachael a ‘cow’ on national television.

“We’re not rude, we’re fun people,” Roula tells TV Buzz exclusively. “I think people are seeing us in the worst light.”

Rachael, meanwhile, felt her and Roula “bonded a lot better”, especially when the insult left Rachael in tears. “I think we had to rely on each other a lot because thats all we had. You’re not around friends or family, so Roula and I became our own support network.”

Roula adds, “No one knows what we went through except us. Stuss and Steve, Alex and Emily really drew to us and understood us as people. They weren’t quick to judge and I think that’s why the six of us became so close.”

Once the ninth series of My Kitchen Rules subsides, Roula and Rachael will be visiting Sydney more frequently, but for a particular reason.

“Alex and Emily will be moving to Byron Bay so we’re going to be chilling out with them,” she excitedly says.

While the Melbourne friends sparked everlasting friendships on the show, they unknowingly ignited a few rivals. “The other teams—Stella and Jazzey, Jess and Emma—turned against us. We were cornered.”

Nonetheless, the BFFs always saw the positives whilst being on the Australian reality series.

“It’s great to see places we’ve never been to before,” Rachael gushes. “Also, it was a pleasure to know Stuss and Steve, Alex and Emily.”

Roula will be adding new recipes to her daily regimen. “I definitely know much more about the technique of cooking—cultural cuisines, different flavours. Our tip: never be scared to experiment!”

“At the table, everyone thought we were the life of the party,” the Melbournites conclude. “We’re actually fun people and you could see everyone siding with us last night.”

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