‘Secret Daughter’ Star Rachel Gordon Shows Love for Jess Mauboy, Spills on Second Season

The sophisticated, sexy Rachel Gordon plays a complicated woman – the widowed and much younger second wife of Jack Norton. But you may also know her from such iconic dramas including Blue Heelers, Home and Away and All Saints.

“Blue Heelers was my first introduction into television,” Gordon tells us. “I learnt so much from everyone – Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker and the late Judith McGrath. I was equally scared and attracted to her because she was so good at her job! It was devastating to hear of her passing – Judith had such an incredible career.”

In the latest season of ‘The Secret Daughter’, Gordon plays character Susan, a woman who feels that everything has been taken from her. And because of this, she blames Billie, played by Jessica Mauboy.

“She [Jess] is seriously the loveliest person in the world,” Rachel gushed. “I had to do these scenes when I was upset, and I look over at Jessica and its really affecting her. At the end of every scene, we just hug each other. She’s a beautiful, deep connecting soul – so natural on and off camera – and I have to be mean to her!”

While her effortless charm makes her a perfect fit for the world of five-star hotels, it’s Susan’s more ruthless, duplicitous nature to which she turns when things don’t go her way, especially when it comes to her family and the hotel.

“The second season is very much about family,” Gordon adds. “My character will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. But, there’s a lot of joy in the show, and what I love about Jess’ character is that she continues to support Susan, even when she’s mean to her.”

“When you play a character, you’re bound to have similarities. Susan and I are both mothers who are extremely scared of losing our families. We’re also savvy, smart businesswomen (although, I think Susan needs a therapist!)”

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