Talk Nerdy to Me: Issa Schultz Spills His Tips to Landing a Nerd & Some Crucial Relationship Advice

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last ten years, you clearly missed the memo.

Geeks have taken Hollywood and the dating scene by storm. With popular shows like The Office and The Big Bang Theory, women all over the world started searching for their own Mr. Knight in Shining (albeit role playing) Armour.

After a brutal competition ending in romantic triumph, Issa Schultz played casanova on Monday night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen with a phone number on a napkin in hand. Now, Australia’s famous supernerd has a little magic under his sleeve with some advice that could win a geeky heart and strengthen a couples quarrel. But, first things first—are more people becoming interested in nerds?

“I think there is an appeal,” Schultz says. “In The Big Bang Theory, they go for the pretty girls. But, in my case, if they enjoy Mario Kart, that’s great! If they don’t and can easily make a laugh, then that is fine too!”

Let’s get the most obvious feature of coupling up with a computer wiz out of the way – you never have to feel outsmarted by a smartphone ever again. In fact, your nerdy hubby might even revel in the moments that he gets to demonstrate his technical prowess for you! But, it’s important to know what intrigues a nerd.

“My perfect date would be for someone to pick up the second controller and play!”, Schultz says. “Nerds will always be up for it—regardless if they have work the next day. Late night board game anyone?”

Ladies, forget overgrown frat boys and sports obsessed meatheads. You’re likely to inherit a couple of sweet, sensitive nerdy guy friends when you marry one of their clan! Now, onto chick flicks.

“Those types of movies are fun,” Issa proudly says. “You don’t have to think too hard and can easily relax knowing how the movie is going to begin and end. Perhaps my favourite would be ‘Love Actually’ (does that count?). And I think ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ are great too!”

We’ve all had our fair share of perfect dates. Some were good, some were great, and some weren’t for the faint-hearted. Though, in the mind of a supernerd, an accurate idea of their perfect date might be a sure winner for most girls.

“I’m a ‘dinner and show’ sort of guy,” he admits. “It may sound a little old-fashioned but I think dinner gives you the chance to chat and know one another. If it’s good, then you can enjoy the show and hopefully the next date (hurrah!). I’m a fan of comedy which I can then ‘gage on my dates type of humour. Do we share that humour? Are we laughing at the same thing? This is all important. Though of course, we aren’t bats in a cage, but it’s something I’ll observe.”

Whether he’s into video gaming or teaching a lesson to the contestants from ‘The Chase’, Issa Schultz gives a crucial tip when it comes to handling those pesky phone messaging antics.

“Ideally I would call them on my lunch break and have a good ten minute chat. But growing up in the nineties, there was no internet. We talked and wrote a letter or two. These days, we have mobile phones and if you’re in a relationship, you would often text your loved one. In terms of how often? Well, the more you text, the more unhealthy the relationship is. Less is more! At the end of the day, your partner will simply come home (if you are living together). Everyone needs space from their loved one from time to time, we all do!”

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