Celebrity Chef Colin Fassnidge Dishes on ‘MKR’ Drama and His Love for Australia

Striking Irish chef Colin Fassnidge has kept us entertained on My Kitchen Rules with his truthful character and very own lingo. And now the celebrity judge – and father-of-two – has taken time out from the cameras and the kitchen to chat to Patrick Tadros.

Who would have thought a 1999 holiday in Australia (after working in Raymond Blanc’s Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons), could lead to a lifelong relationship with the country—and us.

“My passion for food came from my parents,” Fassnidge tells us. “My mother was a great cook, my dad was a good cook, and everything revolved around the table. Food was a massive part of our lives.”

The Dublin-born chef was no stranger to decent food, but television appearances came as something of a surprise. “Never thought that would happen. I used to bag-out chefs who would go on TV. Now look at me, I’m old and need the job (laughs).”

Fassnidge has a lot on his plate right now (that sounds relatable). The owner of Surry Hills establishment 4Fourteen is also a favourite on My Kitchen Rules. What else is there to life?

“It’s called a wife,” he chimes in. “Apparently, I’m the third child (and idiot) of the household. Every person is a female so I’m at the bottom of the list. But still, life is good and I work around my kids.”

“Recently, I went back home with Channel 7 to film ‘My Ireland With Colin’ in Ireland! Being there really opened my eyes on how beautiful the country is. For now, Australia is my home, my kids are Australian and I wouldn’t want to change that just yet.”

Just as 4Fourteen is shaking things up, so too is this year’s MKR series. “I do go easy on the teams facing elimination. I’ll say things like ‘Does that taste good to you?’ When I ask that, they know what I mean (without blowing my head off).”

“For me, I really don’t want to see bad food leave the kitchen. The other group judging will just tear the cuisine apart.”

What can viewers expect for this year? “Both groups will be pitted against each other—it’s just going to get more catty! I love the challenges because it’s out in the open.. nowhere to hide!”

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