My Kitchen Rules’ Stuss and Steve Challenge Judges Pete and Manu for a Do-Over

If you’re not familiar with Greek comedians Stuss and Steve, what are you waiting for?

It’s only been a day since the life-long friends were eliminated on My Kitchen Rules, but a whole lot has changed since. After an eventful time well spent, Stuss snagged a high-profile role at his Brisbane corner store and Steve is known a lot more than just an archeologist. I recently sat down for an exclusive chat with them to talk about their new-found fame, and what plans they’re both conjuring up next.

“We’re sort of like the Greatest Showmen” is how Steve started the conversation with Brother-in-law Stuss. It was the truthful line in a splendid interview, which was otherwise the kind of conversation you can only have between two men who would both be kings one day. “We’re the entertainers—on-stage and off-stage.”

Stuss said he enjoyed the chance to speak with other people who shared the same interests as he did. “Suong’s stock recipe ideas are to die for. It’s simply one of the most beautiful flavours in the world and I couldn’t wait to go home to replicate it.”

Now he feels nostalgic. A fun game to play: Who’s your favourite MKR judge? I thought I knew, but I kept trying to figure it out during the interview. Steve admired Pete’s conservative nature whereas Stuss enjoyed Manu’s likable and charismatic character.

“My life has changed in ways you can’t imagine,” Stuss admits. “My business has grown. People want to take photos with me—and the Baklava is walking out the door, literally. I love the attention.”

There’s no denying these Greek cooking Gods are comedic legends sent in from another dimension. Stuss talked about creating YouTube clips, centering around the love of food and Steve’s fondness of archaeology. “We need to be on television again, even for 5 minutes. Stay tuned, Australia.”

The friends also haven’t shied away from criticism. “People who don’t understand our comical side need to take sense of humour appreciation classes,” Stuss adds. “Our banter is so bad, it’s funny.”

My mind ran to their Greek-themed instant restaurant, one of the highest rated episodes from the series. The entree, main course and dessert, on the other hand, leaves nothing to be desired.

Stuss opens up, “Yes, I poured the flavour down the sink. I was just holding onto my arse since Steve kicked it to death. It was one of those moments; once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“I challenge Pete and Manu for a do-over and they better give us a score of 10 for each dish!”

Steve chimed in, “We lost track of everything. Afraid to say, we were drowning men. But still, an entertaining episode, right?”

I recall Stuss explaining the episode as a metaphor: “Our situation was like the pokies; all dark. YOLO!”

Following the feedback given by Pete and Manu, the comedians knew it was time to grow. Much like sprouting your wings when you’re ready for a change.

“I loved our time on the show,” Stuss tells us. “My only regret? I should have paid more attention to cooking and not putting on a show for the audience. I needed to get in my zone and do what I do best.”

“I wish we could have stayed longer.. such a good experience,” Steve admitted.

These amazing brains will go far and wide, you’ll see. Sure, they’re both a pair of self-confessed “knuckleheads” from Brisbane, but a pure heart is worth more than gold.

“We’re happy with the entire experience. You haven’t seen the last of us,” Steve concludes.

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