Meet Kelli Berglund, Hollywood’s Star of Many Talents

We’re not sure about you, but Kelli Berglund is on cloud 9.

Whether it’s her speedy abilities on Disney’s ‘Lab Rats,’ or her fierce determination in dance film ‘Raising the Bar,’ Berglund certainly has her hands full. And we think she’s up for the challenge. After all, life begins with a jumpstart.

“I started acting at a young age and grew up performing as a dancer,” she tells us. “Rest assured, I’m very creative. Singing, acting, dancing—it all goes hand in hand when pursuing my goals.”

We know what you’re thinking; Berglund might look like one of Hollywood’s freshest faces, but don’t let that fool you.

“Dancing is one of those after-school hobbies parents throw you into, and I’m grateful for it,” she says. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 10 years now—time really flies!”

Berglund adds, “My mum and sister were dancers so it runs in the family. And for me, I think the arts are so important. It means a lot to each individual person for a different reason. It sticks with you, forever.”


In case you didn’t get the memo, Kelli was fortunate to be cast as Belle in a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ production in Los Angeles last December. “I’d love to do more theatre and improve that skill,” she tells us.

After a lifetime of captivating audiences with her dedication and finesse, Berglund recently travelled to film a new movie, ‘Going for Gold’ right here in South Australia.

“The story follows my character from ‘Raising the Bar’ and she ends up in Adelaide!” Kelli laughs. “My character [Emma] meets new friends while she recruits an unlikely cheerleading team. What I enjoy about this film are the themes; it’s all about teamwork and finding your comfort and self-worth.”

“There were many things I learnt on-set that were brand new to me, she admits. “We had stunt doubles for some of those crazy routines and a cheerleading coach to guide us through our steps. I’m just glad I wasn’t injured! But also, having a dance and gymnastics background helped a lot.”

It’s no surprise Kelli Berglund has been deemed “one to watch” in the entertainment industry.

“I feel like I’ve grown so much over the past five years,” she concludes. “I’ve become more comfortable in my acting and everything else in my life honestly. It’s like a second home for me; it’s my happy place.”

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