‘My Kitchen Rules’: Roula Hungering for Her Own Reality Television Series

She may have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules, but Roula is eyeing her next return to television.

The sassy 34-year-old, who was recently eliminated with friend Rachael, says life is good and can’t wait for another role on Australian television.

“Seriously, I’m happy to move to Sydney for another gig,” she tells TV Buzz. “I’m loving all the interviews and watching myself on TV!”

Roula will joke around about just about anything, but she’s very serious when it comes to the business of making people laugh.

“What I’ve learnt on the show is to be yourself,” she adds. “Don’t take s–t from nobody and always look confident and happy. Don’t be absorbed with all the haters.”

It’s funny; I thought I heard Roula say she wanted a role on Home and Away.

“Comedy is really hard, but I’m a pro,” she gushes. “I wouldn’t do another food reality TV show, maybe just my own segment—alone. I really want my next project to define my personality.”


Roula adds, “With My Kitchen Rules, the Australian audience were laughing. They were happy. They were experiencing something. Life is hard, and it only gets harder. It’s such an important thing to have my humour as a gift.”

Fun fact; Roula did a media course. Having worked in real estate before her reality show appearance, the feisty contestant now feels invigorated for a change—with the exclusion of one thing.

“I don’t look at social media at all,” Roula says. “People are just nasty. I tried to get my mum off it too.”

That’s well and good, but how is her current relationship with teammate and friend Rachael?

“We’re fine! She lives around the corner from me and we catch up for a glass of wine. I feel this experience has brought us closer together.”

Dare we ask how Roula feels about chef Colin Fassnidge?

“Sure, Colin and I clashed heads but now, he’s my absolute favourite,” she tells us. We’ve engaged in so much conversation behind the scenes and really understood each other.”

And what she really wants Australia to know about her?

“I’m a fun-loving socialite that cares very dearly about people. I’m going to let my hair down and rock it,” she concludes.

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