My Kitchen Rules’ Manu Feildel Cooks and Eats Alligator in New Series ‘American Road Trip’

Chef and My Kitchen Rules host Manu Feildel is heading out on an American road trip.

Exploring the swamps of Florida all the way to Texas, Feildel kicks off his tour with the best Cuban food in Little Havana.

“I’ve been doing cooking shows with Channel Seven for five years and I wanted to travel somewhere hot,” Manu tells TV Buzz exclusively. “America is interesting to say the least—drinking coffee in Miami was like having a shot of sugar!”

The French chef drives through the hottest spots of the South, taking on burger challenges and worse, alligator.

“It was my first time cooking with alligator, I didn’t know what to do with it,” he laughs. “When I started cutting, I could tell it was a tough meat. But, when fried, it turned out amazing. I was lucky.”

“I wanted to discover the land and culture rather than fear what’s to come,” Manu adds.

Along the way, our favourite French chef takes on the biggest burger you’ve ever seen in Georgia. Did we mention he goes fishing Redneck style in Mississippi?

“I felt absolutely sick from eating that Atlanta burger,” Manu admitted. “I couldn’t move. The next day, I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch.”

From cowboys to alligator hunters, Manu heads back on the road, experiencing new tastes and unique recipe ideas. And yes, he has a favourite cuisine.

“It was probably the catfish I caught in the river with my own two hands!” Feildel gushed. “That was pretty cool.”

“New Orleans would have been my favourite place in the South to visit—everyone is a musician. There’s music in every street, bar and restaurant. And the produce is fantastic. It’s a happy life where you can sit and take it all in,” he concludes.

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