‘My Kitchen Rules’ Best Bits: It’s a Lawn Bowl Affair—with a Touch of Sauvignon Blanc

Alex & Emily took out their second challenge with lamb cutlets that bowled the punters over. But Josh & Nic “misto’d” the BBQ brief and their fried food fail means they’ll face Matt & Aly at Elimination House.


Group 1 teams were in for some friendly competition at Harbord Bowls Club where they were tasked with creating a dish that celebrated two fun Aussie pastimes – lawn bowls and a great BBQ! Teams had one hour to prep and cook, and an additional 45mins to cook and serve 100 hungry bowlers. The public and Group 2 were asked to vote for their favourite. The team with the most votes was named People’s Choice and will receive a scoring advantage at the next elimination cook off. The team with the weakest dish, as selected by judges Pete and Colin, heads to Elimination House for a Sudden Death cook off against Matt & Aly from Group 2.



Sonya & Hadil aren’t doing Group 1 any favours: “Game on moles”

Bowls just aren’t the same without a drink so Emma pops out to get some sav blanc: “Just need a little pick-me-up”

Emma’s back with the wine: “Now it’s showtime”

Sonya & Hadil aren’t impressed by Jess & Emma’s steak sandwich: “Anyone in Australia can make that dish at home”

Jazzey’s got no choice but to give Henry the silent treatment: “I can’t even look at him, the six pack is blinding”

Pete questions Stella & Jazzey’s flavour combination: “On paper sounds crap but just leave it with me”

Josh & Nic can’t take a hint: “I’m a bit baffled as to why there’s a deep fryer on your table in a BBQ challenge”

Olga says Group 1 are presenting below average food: “They don’t have enough skills to be able to judge our food”

When things go bad for Josh & Nic, they sing!: “All the singing in the world is not going to help those boys”

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