‘My Kitchen Rules’: Dan and Gemma say Judges Feedback was a ‘Bitter Pill to Swallow’

They’re Australia’s favourite in laws on My Kitchen Rules. Now, Dan and Gemma have been bowled out of the competition after Alex and Emily reaffirmed their culinary chops, serving an outstanding entrée with a side of raw emotion.

So, what should you expect to bear witness to in that elimination episode? “Like every other contestant, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” Gemma tells TV Buzz, describing the tone of the episode as “chaotic with a side of tough lamb.” Which may — or may not be — why she drops everything to remake the dessert’s pastry that yearned some attention the first time. “I stuffed it up and it really ran us into a corner.”

Dan, meanwhile, was disappointed that the entree and dessert were a complete success, but the main course failed to deliver expectations. In the end, however, what else could you do? “Every critique we’ve taken, we’ve taken it well,” says Dan.

I beg to differ—the Asian spice challenge showed Super Mario brothers, Davide and Marco, beating the in laws over a Mexican wrap. Because burritos totally fit with the Oriental theme. “Couldn’t you tell by Gemma’s face how furious she was?” Dan laughs. “And her backchat to Pete and Colin was really entertaining.”

Given the winding path the Adelaide family took to get to elimination house, fans may be wondering: Is there something somewhere that could be done to rectify this error? “We tried to do everything right,” Gemma says. “Our dumplings were obviously overcooked, but we weren’t even the worst. Dan and I were definitely next in line for elimination. The feedback from the judges was a bitter pill to swallow.”

“Sometimes, that’s life (which is brutally unfair),” adds Dan.

The episode will not be without life lessons, though. Gemma’s partner has some serious competition now, along with Dan’s wife. “You know, my husband can make harissa lamb backstrap—absolutely beautiful!” says Gemma. “It’s funny how a reality show can immensely improve your cooking skills.”

Unfortunately, our favourite in laws are no longer in contact with one another. Or perhaps I misheard? “We only talk to each other when we’re being interviewed,” Dan says, looking over at Gemma who replies, “He’s kidding. I think we talk more now than we did before. We’re lucky to have such a close-knit family.”

“It’s like entering the competition with your brother or sister,” Dan admits. “But reality shows are not all ‘glitz and glamour’. There’s definitely hard times to push through and you need to know how to act and be comfortable in front of a camera.”

Though he said the series has been “incredibly supportive of everything,” Dan acknowledged that there is a long-term benefit after heading onto the program.

“We’re going to stay friends with a lot of the contestants,” he concludes. “Especially Henry and Anna.”

Gemma says, “You go through this experience together, and that bonds you like nothing else can.”

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