Davide and Marco Reveal What Really Got Them Through Hard Times on ‘My Kitchen Rules’

My Kitchen Rules’ Davide and Marco have fallen on hard times, and things get harder in the land of Koopa Village.

Sure, that’s a city in Super Mario Land. But then there’s a whole inexplicable time-travel twist, which pushes the town from irrelevant to incoherent. Turns out Mario has to fight another evil force, a familiar supervillain who wants to destroy the planet.

Let’s travel back for now. The Italian best friends from Perth have never shied away from a challenge, and the only way to triumph is probably to dismiss the judges brief.

“Yes, we’re Italian, we missed the brief and although we love eating Asian food, we don’t have much experience,” Davide tells TV Buzz. “In the spice challenge, our goal was to create phenomenal street food—so we thought about a taco. We couldn’t put spaghetti in there!”

It’s just mind-blowingly epic. What I thought was, this could be incredible. Once Davide and Marco started, it caught everyone’s attention, even the contestants, who were utterly confused. “You’re really thrown in a big wok, literally. We were disappointed a few people didn’t understand our concept. It’s got a lot of Asian ingredients, it was a competition, and really at the end of the day, we’re amateur cooks from Perth,” Davide continues.

“I think our strong bond (since childhood) was what got us through the series. It’s normal to be thrown under the bus sometimes.”

If you watched season 9 of My Kitchen Rules, then you already know about the Italian ‘brothers’ instant connection and quick entry into jubilation. As the winners of the aforementioned spice challenge, Davide and Marco have officially found their spot in the gritty competition.

“We put all the hard times behind us and did the best we could,” Marco tells us. “Unfortunately, we were bound to end up in Elimination House against some of the best cooks—Kim and Suong.”

He adds, “You could see what those ladies were dishing out and they did an amazing job. In the end, we couldn’t please everyone.”

The boys talked about alliances, the delicious table drama, and what it really means to go full-cyborg in the kitchen (hint: stay out of the way!) Wait, is Davide still single?

“If girls are looking for a guy that can cook, it’s not going to be me!”

Well, that’s a loaded question, because I’m supposed to ask the juicy stuff. The super friends revealed they’re still “very tight” and the best way to explain their friendship is “lifelong brothers.”

“Sometimes you fight with your brother, but then you get over it,” Marco says. “The feedback we received from the judges was quite positive and constructive. It helped us grow as cooks. I have to admit, I put my entire life on hold for the show.”

“We were fortunate to have lived in Sydney for a few months during filming, though I never travelled to Bondi Beach! And my wife enjoys the latest recipe ideas.”

“Our schedule is simple, she cleans, I cook. That’s the arrangement,” Marco laughs.

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