‘Married At First Sight’: 3 Key Moments Explained From the Season Finale

Can we breathe a sigh of relief now the sixth season of Married At First Sight is finally over?

After meeting 22 contestants in the past few months, it’s weird to say we know a little more about them than just a friendly smile. So why do we miss Davina, Tracey and Dean already?

Australia, you’ve screamed, you’ve thrown tantrums, and you’ve severely protested against their unusual behaviour. But still, it was a season never to forget. Here, the three key moments from the season finale that you’re dying to know about.


During last night’s finale, the experts ask Dean about that shady boys’ night and he says doesn’t remember much of what happened. However, he admits some crazy things went down. Justin doesn’t look worried and neither do we—oh wait, here comes some exclusive footage!

While watching, Tracey is disgusted by the “disrespectful” comments made about her, and Carly is confused about Dean saying he felt a “vibe” between them. She’s also upset about Justin saying he wanted to trade Carly in for Ashley.

“Seeing all the reactions, I can definitely understand why you think it’s a bit disrespectful and inappropriate and I apologise to all the women here,” Dean says. He has a brain!

Married AU/Instagram


Hang on Dean, you’re time in the spotlight has ended just yet.

Davina hides behind a pillow as the video of their affair is played.

Feeling even more cheated, Tracey watches on as Davina says in the clip, “If there was someone at tonight’s dinner party that I was interested in, I’d pursue that.”

She also sees the moment Dean tells Davina, “No offence to Tracey, but her looks are not her best quality.”

“You know what? I don’t want my looks to be my best quality, cause I’ve got so many other qualities,” Tracey blurts out.

“You’ve got a lot of good qualities,” Dean suddenly jumps in. “I didn’t say you’re not good-looking; you’re very good-looking.”

“I don’t care,” Tracey replies. “That’s not the point. You’re a liar as well by the way, because I asked you to tell me everything and if I saw that for the truth, I would have walked away.”

Tracey then addresses Davina.

“Before [you] even knew the situation between us, you were straight out the gate to take Dean from me regardless of what we were gonna say on the couch the next day and this is unacceptable. And you have no morals and no values … Women like you think they can just get away with it because of the way you look.”
“I’m on national television,” Davina says, shocked that everyone is mad at her.

“How on earth could I get away with that?”

Davina maintains that she has no regrets, but she is sorry for “hurting” Tracey’s feelings.

Married AU/Instagram


The truth is finally out. Tracey and Sean explain that they’ve been seeing each other for almost six weeks!

The relationship experts ask Sean why he got so angry last night. Here’s what we overheard:

Sean answers, “I thought after a relationship ended, some messages are pretty much inappropriate and they shouldn’t be sent. Like sexting to Tracey. I don’t know why you’d do that.”

Dean jumps in once more with, “Did you ever say it was disrespectful, Tracey?”

“I was trying to keep things amicable,” Tracey admits. “I did let a few inappropriate texts slide, that maybe I should have let Dean know that they did upset me more because I shared how upset I was with Sean, and maybe I should have communicated that better with Dean. I did about some texts but not others.”

Dean fires back, “No, you did not. At all. As far as I was concerned, Tracey and I had a very private and open-minded relationship in which we talked on this level that was a little risqué and maybe a little bit beyond appropriate, but we also spent two months together and that should be kept private. It’s nothing to do with anyone else … You sent me very inappropriate messages. You sent me pictures of you in your underwear.”

New boyfriend Sean is back in the ring, “That was probably back when you guys were going out,” with Dean telling Tracey, “You sent me pictures of you in your bedroom going ‘Oh, Sean’s gonna love this outfit.'”

Now, we’re not sure if we miss Married At First Sight anymore. Get ready for season seven folks!

Married AU/Instagram

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