‘The Walking Dead’: Which Character Won’t Make it Out of the Season Alive?

Yes, The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale is fast approaching. And that means that at least one character will not be making out of the season alive. Last season, it was Sasha who turned herself into a zombie to distract Negan and save her Alexandria friends. It was a hit and miss really.

Remember the season before? Glenn and Abraham finally met Lucille when she balled them over with her whacks. Thanks a lot Negz. So whose number will be called for this season finale?

We rounded up four most likely suspects.

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Wait, this guy is still alive? Father Gabriel has become a prisoner, went half blind, got sick and recaptured, was taken off the bullet factory line, was put back on the bullet factory line, and yet he’s still here. We’re guessing he’s the most likely to be killed in the last episode of the season. Then again, we’ve been saying that for every past season. He’s simply a man of God, right?


[Spoiler alert] As we know in the comic, Rick spares Negan’s life because he wants him to live and see the new world they build without him. Instead of killing him, he puts Negan in a jail cell in his basement.

But the person in the comic who really wants Negan dead at the end of the war is Carl. Yes we know, he’s dead. Instead of Rick sparing Negan to prove a point to Carl, we’re thinking this time that Rick kills Negan to fulfill Carl’s wishes. Could happen.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays villainous Negan, is currently making movies at the moment so our prediction might be quite accurate. We also could easily see a situation where Rick makes the decision to not kill Negan but Negan then dies anyway..


Another one who just won’t quit, Eugene is a usual target for many Walking Dead characters. Whether making up some mumbo-jumbo about the Human Genome Project or barfing all over his kidnapper, Eugene has proven time and time again that he will do anything necessary to survive. When all is said and done in this world, zombies, cockroaches, and Eugene are all that will be left.


We love her just as much as you do, but Lauren Cohan does not yet have a new contract and has filmed a show called Whiskey Cavalier. But all of that happened well after season 8 wrapped, meaning the network would not have had an opportunity to write her off the show once it became clear she may not want to return for what was being offered. Plus, the fact that cast members have been lobbying for her to get paid tells us that her character must still be among the living.

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