‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: What’s Next for Offred and the Other Denizens of Gilead?

For the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, which debuts April 25, the series will explore a future that is far from glory for Offred and the other denizens of Gilead.

Before the season premiere, we look ahead at what’s coming next, based on minor spoilers already revealed by cast and crew.


What’s next: While it’s unclear where she’ll wind up at the end of her current van ride, producer Miller has already revealed that June, currently pregnant, will wind up on the run in season two. Exactly how that comes to pass, whether she makes it as far as Little America, and whether she’s able to find her daughter Hannah while on the road?


What’s next: Hmm it’s somewhat astonishing that Janine is still alive heading into season two. Not only should she have died from her suicidal leap from the bridge, she only escaped death thanks to her fellow handmaids rising up against Lydia’s commands. How will Janine survive season two? Well, she might not, as previews for the season have shown Janine’s next destination — one she shares with the next character on the board.


What’s next: Like Janine, Emily will spend at least the early portion of season two in the Colonies, an irradiated stretch of Gilead where people are sent to toil away their lives, without any expectation of surviving. In season one, the Colonies are described as worse than a death sentence. Given what Emily has already endured in the series, however, she stands as strong a shot as anyone to defy those lethal odds.


What’s next: To be honest, we thought Moira was dead. Now, Moira is not only alive, but she’s free from Gilead… at least in terms of her immediate physical safety. On a more existential level, Moira has suffered through the kind of damage that doesn’t heal overnight, if it ever fully heals at all. In her final scenes of the season, Wiley played Moira’s integration into Canada with a stunned and shell-shocked quality, indicating that it will take time and effort before her character recovers to the point that she can enjoy the health insurance and other benefits that come along with life north of the border.

Aunt Lydia

What’s next: Yes, she’s a bitch. But Lydia was slighted in a very severe way in the final moments of season one. “Go home and think about what you have done,” she told her handmaids, moments after they declined to murder Janine. “There will be consequences. Believe me.” Expect those consequences to make themselves known very early on in season two, and expect them to be very severe indeed.

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