My Kitchen Rules’ Henry and Anna are Tasmania’s Power Siblings

My Kitchen Rules—God’s gift to entertainment food junkies—is so close to finishing its ninth season and the contestants look understandably exhausted.

We know this because during the semi-finals, siblings Henry and Anna said it about five times in between dishing out their entree, racing against the ticking clock, and at one point, curling up under a pink blanket with Manu Feildel and miming going to sleep. Yes, we know, that never happened.

Realising the gift that was before them—a Tasmanian brother and sister duo so enthralled by truffles that a normally unfiltered person would never bother with—kept the siblings on the show for reasons beyond just roots.

At one point, Anna happily revealed that her brother was (and will always be) with her during the hard times. Asking what the duo’s parents think of their newly improved cooking, Henry confessed “Extremely positive. “It’s something we’re experimenting with over and over. Since the beginning of the show, we’ve definitely come a long way.”

After Anna explained that the brother-sister duo was obviously very close, the ecstatic farm girl did not hesitate saying, “We gave our best the whole way through the competition. No regrets!”

When discussing inevitable downfalls, they revealed that constant practice will always dish out perfect results. “We were pleased with our efforts, but we just needed more time!” Henry says. “It was an experience. We learnt a lot—not just by how the show worked, but how we worked both together and individually. Needless to say, it made a huge impact on us.”

Asked how the rest of Tasmania reacted to seeing the power siblings on reality television and once they returned from their Australian tour, Anna said, “Henry and I have been overwhelmed with love and support. It’s great to be back home—the first instant restaurant of group two.”

“It was such a nerve-wracking time,” Henry admits. “Having everyone in our home where we can showcase our love for truffles… That’s something we’ll always remember.”

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