MKR Winners Alex And Emily on the Highs and Lows of the Competition

The leaves are just about to turn for a picturesque couple from Queensland. It’s May 2018, and production of My Kitchen Rules has found its end — and success.

Contestants Alex and Emily are on triple duty as winners, cooks and potential bar owners, but if the gregarious cocktail couple are feeling stressed, it certainly showed as they fought through highs and lows — before settling back into sunny suburbia. The mood is noticeably cheerful for any set, but particularly remarkable for this one.

“When you’re on a reality show, you just need to embrace it and be yourself,” Emily says. “You need to wear your heart on your sleeve and ride with it because people are going to either love or hate you. We never pretended to be anyone we weren’t.”

Winning the competition came easily for the couple, or did it? — “Yes… I was emotional. But I’m not always like that!” she gushes. “We’ll see if people want to see me cook in the kitchen again. Maybe I might do a ‘No Crying’ rule?”

“We didn’t want to be a part of the drama because we had our own battles,” Alex says with a smile. “Truthfully, we’re so passionate and will do anything to succeed in the competition.”

The couple had always been interested, if slightly wary, about working together. Says Alex, “We immersed ourselves into the world of MKR and we don’t regret anything. Emily and I think of ourselves as extremely hard workers and the proof was in the pudding.”

Well, we have our answer. Alex and Emily, a vibrant, enthusiastic couple from Queensland, have taken the $250,000 prize and are awed by the overwhelmingly positive comments. “Our family, friends and fellow contestants are cheering — it was amazing. This is a surreal moment for sure,” Emily smiles. “The fact that we get to share it is wild.”

The tropical duo has plans to unveil a pop-up snack bar to showcase what’s in store for their ultimate instant venue opening in the near future. “We live in such a beautiful place in Australia,” Emily says. “Depending on how the pop-up idea goes, we can get our bar up and running!”

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