MKR’s Kim and Suong on the Joys of Working Together

It’s been a chaotic ride for contestants Kim and Suong and the grand finale flames (and tempers) in the kitchen were hotter than ever. 

“We’re not friends!” Suong laughs. “For the first time after 22 years of friendship, we fought like a married couple. But which couple doesn’t fight from time to time?” 

In the ninth season of My Kitchen Rules, the mums from Melbourne competed against Queensland’s Alex and Emily for the 2018 winning title at MKR headquarters in Sydney. 

“The support has been extremely overwhelming since the grand finale,” Kim says. “Regardless if we won or not, we achieved so much as a team.” 

Working together with a group filled with different people and unusual personalities — including Roula and Rachael, Josh and Nic and Stella and Jazzey — meant that things on set could get a little punchy. “Everyone in our group had goals to achieve,” says Suong. “We’re just two strong women who both want the same things in life and this experience has strengthened our friendship—in more ways than one.” 

When asked if the Melbourne mums regret anything from their time on the show, Kim replied, “Dessert!” The only real downside for our runner-ups. 

Of course, they always find new ways to stay fresh. “We won’t turn back time,” Suong declares. “If anything, we’ll apply to be contestants for 2019!” 

“We went in the competition for the love of food,” the Vietnamese mothers concluded. “Food that our families love to eat and food that we know how to use. Sure, we didn’t win, but we’re ever-so proud of one another as friends and as women.” 

Kim is currently in the process of launching her restaurant ‘Ms. Kim’s’ in Williamstown, Victoria with an expected opening in June 2018. Meanwhile, Suong will be unveiling her upcoming cookbook entitled ‘Mamma Suong’s.’ 

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