Morgan Griffin on Olivia Biopic: ‘I Was Determined to Get Involved’

The Seven network has a habit of casting actors on the cusp of fame, be they Dan Ewing and Chris Hemsworth from Home and Away, or Mia Wasikowska in 2004’s All Saints. The latest thespian hoping to benefit from what we’re going to call “the Hollywood bump” is Morgan Griffin (San Andreas, The Sleepover Club) who plays young Olivia in the upcoming biopic, ‘Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted to You’, which arrives on the small screen this Sunday.

Below, Griffin talks about the anticipated series, working with Delta Goodrem, and her forthcoming projects.

Morgan, who begins her role as high school Olivia from age 16, goes on a journey that takes her through the Sing Sing Sing talent competition. The moment is charged when she belts out the iconic, classic hit ‘I honestly love you.’

“When I realised there were auditions for Olivia Newton-John’s story, I was determined to get involved,” Griffin says. “I watched old interviews of Olivia over and over again, just to get the voice right. I constantly listened to sixties music—but again, I listen to the genre anyway!”

While the biopic depicts Olivia’s epic love stories since her global debut in the ‘60s, fans also get to watch her iconic friendships with future duet partner, singer Pat Carroll, and future music producer, John Farrar. Morgan’s portrayal signals the evolutionary change of the character — but so does Delta’s. “We’re both trying to have our characters take the lead,” says Griffin. “When I was younger, I played Delta in her music video ‘Innocent Eyes’ in 2003. And when we reunited on-set, we gave each other a big hug!”

“She [Delta] is extremely talented and generous with her time — It’s upsetting that we never appeared together on-screen, but we often collaborated on the idea we wanted to convey for this incredible character.”

Morgan stands with Goodrem before an outstanding series approved by the iconic star herself. “Olivia gave Delta her blessing to become her,” the actress says. “It was a moment for sure.”

Now, picture a giant earthquake rolling toward you. That’s how fast you have to run through Griffin’s 2015 movie ‘San Andreas’ with lead actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

“Dwayne is so down to earth,” she adds. “It’s great working alongside such easy-going actors who constantly greet you. That’s probably why no one has ever said a bad word about him.”

The 25-year-old actress has also starred alongside Geena Davis in Accidents Happen, Angelina Jolie in Unbroken, and Jodie Foster in Nim’s Island. “These talented actors can create their characters so effortlessly,” Griffin concludes. “And to learn from them — people who are also true to themselves — is just life-changing.”

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