My Baby Loves Goes for Smiles

Photographer Jade Gao has one happy certainty in her working life: a baby’s smile will make her day. Every time.

The Balmain-based snapper believes she has the best job in the world making one-of-a-kind pictures of young children, ranging from newborns to toddlers.

While she has a master’s degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney, she says she found her calling in life photographing kids.

“A baby’s smile always makes my day,” Ms Gao said.  “Parents cry buckets after they’ve seen the finished product. It’s a magical ­experience.”

Perfect baby portraits still require patience, creative thinking, and a pinch of ­ingenuity however.

“Once a baby is fed, comfortable and about to fall asleep, I can begin working,” Ms Gao said. “But it all starts with the smile. If not, I bribe them with the promise of ­delicious milky goodness.”

But there can be one (or two) big problems when it comes to capturing the ­perfect baby photo — the ­parents.

“Sometimes it’s easier working with babies than most parents,” Ms Gao said.

While the industry of newborn photography is in high demand, Ms Gao says it doesn’t come without a bit of a stink.

“In almost every session, babies will either wee or poo, but I enjoy capturing the ­moment it happens,” she said.

“People love seeing that sort of stuff on social media.

“No photo shoot is complete without a parent telling you that your baby’s smile is all because of wind.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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