The Beauty Trend Every Bride Needs to Know from the Australian Runway

The latest runway makeup trends are here, and it's all about minimal and effortless for the upcoming season. Inglot makeup artist Courtney Sinclair briefed Wedded Wonderland on designer Mariam Seddiq's beauty look backstage at Australian Fashion Week. 'Mariam was very particular about not having too much coverage, so we've done some looks with a little sparkling dust and illuminator. Everything... Continue Reading →

15 Grooming Tips for Your Groom!

You may be surprised, but many Grooms will already be familiar with cleansers, moisturisers and hair products! Yes, they might spend hours styling their hair and shaping their beards. But for others, a shower and a shave is they all need. When it comes to trimming, or how to hide a hangover, our guide to being well-groomed... Continue Reading →

6 Contemporary Hairstyles for Grooms

Philips Shaving and Grooming Ambassador Jules Tognini knows a thing or two about hair. As one of the hottest talents in the industry, he knows there’s no excuse for a groom to rock up on his wedding day without the perfect do. And to prove just that, he’s shared his top contemporary hairstyles for grooms... Continue Reading →

Makeup Tips: All About the Brush

There's a makeup brush for your foundation, a myriad of makeup brushes for your eyes, a brush for your brows, and the list doesn't stop. No wonder a girl can get a little overwhelmed when it comes to scanning the makeup counter for the right essentials! To make your beauty routine a lot easier and... Continue Reading →

How to Get the Perfect Brows for Your Big Day

Eyebrows frame your eyes and are an important key to gorgeous wedding photos. But when should bridal brow preparations begin? What if you’re a beginner, or the opposite—a compulsive over-plucker? Don’t worry. We’ve consulted founder of Garbo and Kelly Carolyn Fox to get the ultimate step-by-step guide for perfecting your wedding day brows. According to Fox, natural... Continue Reading →

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